Monday, December 11, 2006

Photo of the Tall Man

  • Book or Movie Title: Photo of the Tall Man
  • Written By / Starring: Stephen Rabley
  • Type of book/ Kind of movie: Suspenso

My comments:

Kelly Logan has only 16 years and she lived with your grandfather in the isle of skye
Your parents dead in plane crash when she was very young.
She is on her way to London to find a job, because your Uncle Max send a letter, he said I could come and live. I could look a job in London, He’s got a big house in a part of Nort London called highgate.he lives there with his son, Adam. ”Max is a newspaper photographer”.
She reads about the tall man in the newspaper, he’s a dangerous criminal, but nobody knows what he looks like, except that he’s over two metres tall.
When she arrived to London your cousin waiting for her, Adam said “Welcome to London cousin”. Adam drove Kelly around the centre of London. She really couldn’t believe was the number of people everywhere.
Adam pointed to a building in front of the bank building. Suddenly she remembered the newspaper story about the Tall Man and the small silver card which was found next to the body whit just letter on it-T.M.
“Yes, I read about it,” she said.
Minutes later they arrived in Highgate. Kelly liked her uncle’s house at once.
Their max was of trip in Paris, your cousin Adam went to a party, she was alone, when she received a message for telephone for their uncle, the man's voice it sounded very strange, “say that drake phoned-Gordon Drake. And tell him the visitor is arriving in December. That’s all. He sounded...afraid”.
Two days later Max Logan came back from France. Kelly received with great happiness to your uncle and he was very happy too.
They talked about Kelly’s grandfather and Adam, Suddenly Kelly remembered the message, she says your uncle, I nearly forgot. A man called Gordon Drake phoned and left a message. He said “The visitor arrive in December”.
One afternoon she and her uncle watching television together, news about crime in France, a rich man had been murdered very early to the morning and robbery six paintings. Silver card was found next to the dead millionaire. On it were two letters-T.M.-the tall man.” Kelly looked at her uncle, he was sitting, listening to every word. The newsreader had another man with him, a crime expert. What do we know about the tall man? The newsreader asked.
He answer, no very much, I'm very afraid. All we know is that has there is committed crimes in almost every country Europe. And we know he’s very, very dangerous. The only description we have is that he’s between forty-five an fifty and over two metres tall. There are simply photos of him anywhere.
Days later Kelly and Adam, received a bad news, Max had an accident.
They arrived at the hospital…

For know ending, I recommend you read the book, is very interesting !!!.

Carmen Pereira

Level 3.L.C.B.

Teacher Gladys Baya


Dennis said...

Hi! What? Who am I? I am a colleague of Gladys' - though I have only "met" her on the Internet.

Would you REALLY recommend that book to me? I admit I have not read it. I have not heard of it.

Will Blogger give my address?
I am Dennis, an Englishman living in Osnabrueck, Germany.
If you write, I will answer you.

Dennis said...

Hola, Carmen.

I enjoyed your review of "The Tall Man" very much. You gave a very good synopsis of the plot and your ending was terrific! (Now I guess I need to read the book!)

¡Muchos éxitos!

mmvcentro said...

Hi Carmen!

Come on! I want to know how the story ends... please tell me.
I do not want to wait to much. Please say hello to your teacher Gladys.

I am from Mexico and your teacher is also teaching me a lot.
Love: Maru

Shrarh said...

Hi Carmen,
It is an interesting story but I couldn't get this book.
If it is available on the Internet send its URL to me if it is not please tell me the end of it
with love,
Muhanned from sudan

Shrarh said...

Hi Carmen,
It is an interesting story but I couldn't get this book.
If it is available on the Internet send its URL to me if it is not please tell me the end of it
with love,
Muhanned from sudan

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher at Barrio NOrte.
I just wanted to share with you the fact that as a student I also read The Tall Man. The review you have posted made me remember the time when I was a pupil and also refresh the story in my memory.
Valeria Durand