Monday, December 11, 2006

Photo of the Tall Man

  • Book or Movie Title: Photo of the Tall Man
  • Written By / Starring: Stephen Rabley
  • Type of book/ Kind of movie: Suspenso

My comments:

Kelly Logan has only 16 years and she lived with your grandfather in the isle of skye
Your parents dead in plane crash when she was very young.
She is on her way to London to find a job, because your Uncle Max send a letter, he said I could come and live. I could look a job in London, He’s got a big house in a part of Nort London called highgate.he lives there with his son, Adam. ”Max is a newspaper photographer”.
She reads about the tall man in the newspaper, he’s a dangerous criminal, but nobody knows what he looks like, except that he’s over two metres tall.
When she arrived to London your cousin waiting for her, Adam said “Welcome to London cousin”. Adam drove Kelly around the centre of London. She really couldn’t believe was the number of people everywhere.
Adam pointed to a building in front of the bank building. Suddenly she remembered the newspaper story about the Tall Man and the small silver card which was found next to the body whit just letter on it-T.M.
“Yes, I read about it,” she said.
Minutes later they arrived in Highgate. Kelly liked her uncle’s house at once.
Their max was of trip in Paris, your cousin Adam went to a party, she was alone, when she received a message for telephone for their uncle, the man's voice it sounded very strange, “say that drake phoned-Gordon Drake. And tell him the visitor is arriving in December. That’s all. He sounded...afraid”.
Two days later Max Logan came back from France. Kelly received with great happiness to your uncle and he was very happy too.
They talked about Kelly’s grandfather and Adam, Suddenly Kelly remembered the message, she says your uncle, I nearly forgot. A man called Gordon Drake phoned and left a message. He said “The visitor arrive in December”.
One afternoon she and her uncle watching television together, news about crime in France, a rich man had been murdered very early to the morning and robbery six paintings. Silver card was found next to the dead millionaire. On it were two letters-T.M.-the tall man.” Kelly looked at her uncle, he was sitting, listening to every word. The newsreader had another man with him, a crime expert. What do we know about the tall man? The newsreader asked.
He answer, no very much, I'm very afraid. All we know is that has there is committed crimes in almost every country Europe. And we know he’s very, very dangerous. The only description we have is that he’s between forty-five an fifty and over two metres tall. There are simply photos of him anywhere.
Days later Kelly and Adam, received a bad news, Max had an accident.
They arrived at the hospital…

For know ending, I recommend you read the book, is very interesting !!!.

Carmen Pereira

Level 3.L.C.B.

Teacher Gladys Baya

Monday, December 04, 2006

Operation Mastermind

John Carstairs is a secret agent, his job is often dangerous. And now he has an oportunity to save the world. There is a small island in the Aegean See, Its name´s is Doriphoros; something very strange is happening on the island, the Americans have bought it and built the biggest computer in the world there. They call It D.O.T. The letters D.O.T. stand for Data Overseas Transmission. This big computer sends information to other computers all over the world. It´s different from other computers.It doesn´t need a special computer program.All the computer in the world need special program but this one builds its own program.It works by itself. It´s plans is to control all computers all over the world. Will the computers control the world? Could computers do this? end what about Carstairs; Could he stop the computer plans?
If you want to know more about this story you´ll be able to read a book. It´s available at the L.C.B.library.
I´m thinking about dangerous jobs now, and about computers. How many people die everyday to make a better world?, How many doctors, firemen and other which maybe, we don´t know anything about. I´m imagining a computerized world in a few years´ time, I´m thinking now we are surround by computers. Can you imagine a world without them? What do you like/dislike about computers? Please write to me and tell me about,Thankyou.
Roxana Dorrego
Level 3 - Barrio Norte

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Toy Story

  • Book or Movie Title: TOY STORY
  • Written By / Starring:
  • Type of book/ Kind of movie: Animated film

“A film for everyone”

Do you like animated and cartoon films? If not, you would immediately change your opinion if you see Toy Story, an excellent movie not only for children, but for adults as well that was released in 1995 by Disney in association with Pixar Animation. It is the first animated film completely done on computer. Toy Story has a marvelous cast of vocal talents, with Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts and Jim Varney.
The story is masterfully told, revealing plot points and character equally. Cowboy doll “Woody” is Andy’s favorite toy, and as a part of that comes the privilege of being the leader of all the other toys. His world is suddenly turned upside down when Andy gets a Buzz Lightyear action figure for his birthday. Suddenly, Woody finds himself in danger of being replaced as Andy and all the toys flock to Buzz. Worse yet, Buzz doesn’t know he’s a toy. He thinks he’s the real Buzz Lightyear. But when the two toys get lost some days before Andy moves, they’ll have to work together to get home.
The soundtrack is really good and attracts children since the movie starts. Toy Story won lots of rewards, such as the Oscar and the “Special Achievement” to the director of the film, John Lasseter.
So if, like me, you enjoy watching good movies done with computer animation, you must see Toy Story, a fantastic and warmhearted film, which also has a sequel.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Now audio reviews too!

One of my students asked me today "Wouldn't it be possible to record reviews instead of typing them?" Listen to the answer at "The Reviewers' Podcast"


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The Call of the Wild

  • Book Title: The Call of the Wild
  • Written By: Jack London (adapted)
  • Type of book: Adventures

"It's OK to grow up - just as long as you don't grow
old. Face it . . . you are young"

Pulp, This is Hardcore

This is a book about how to grow up, just what Tom Waits didn´t wanted (and The Ramones repeated), but not in the way he was hardly criticizing. it´s about how to become stronger, independent and free, learning with life.

The story is based in the evolution of a dog, who started this life in a house and finish his days in the forest running with the wolves and howling at the moon (sha-la-la). in between this two points the story has course.

This is not the only Jack London´s book in which the main character is a dog, in this case the dog it´s stealed for two mens and after this it´s buyed for different people, who are going to make the life of the dog (called Buck) change with their lifes. Buck is going to learn how to live in the snow in winter, how to work, how to fight and how to love too. In the middle of all this Buck begin to listen a voice, a call. This is going to be the call of his own life, buried for years of domestication.

Alejandro J.

Levels 2-3 = LCB- Barrio Norte

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Matrix review

  • Book or Movie Title: The Matrix
  • Written By: The Wachowski brothers (Andy and Larry)
  • Type of book/ Kind of movie: Science Fiction/Action

My comments:

The Matrix (1999) is a science fiction movie written and directed by Andy and Larry Wachowski. It is co-starred by Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishbourne, Carry-Ann Moss and Hugo Weaving. In a distant future where, after a great development on Artificial Intelligence, machines take over the world and use humans lives as source of energy to function. In order to keep the human race under control, the machines create The Matrix, a simulation program built to make people believe they live in 1999, when machines were still harmless. In spite of this a small group of free resisters hide underground hidden from the machines getting in and out of the Matrix as they please, and constantly searching for others prepared to be “released” from the Matrix.

Morpheus (Laurence Fishbourne) is captain to one of the ships of Zion, the last human city, and believes someone inside the Matrix has the power to win the war against machines and free humans from the Matrix. He meets Thomas A. Anderson (Keanu Reeves) is the person Morpheus thinks has this ability, and the plot revolves around their relationship and whether the latter is “the one”.

The Matrix presents a gripping plot with the addition of breathtaking action scenes, as inside the Matrix some rules such as gravity can be bent or even broken. The movie introduces the “bullet time” effect, which freezes the image as the camera turns around the scene. The acting is powerful, but its main strength lies on its skillful script and direction.

Because of this assets The Matrix started a new generation in movies making. If you like science fiction, filled will exciting action scenes and a great story, this is simply a film you can’t miss. Still the question remains… How far is this from a real future?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Erin Brockovich

  • Movie Title: "Erin Brockovich"
  • Starring: Julia Roberts
  • Kind of movie: drama

If you find Julia Ropberts beautiful, here's another box office hit you can't miss. "Erin Brockovich" is for every age bracket is and there the gorgeous actress is directed by S. Soderberg in a mature performance.

Erin Brockovich is a singlemother who has found a job as a legal assistant, winning the case of a small community damaged by a local factory. After losing a law-suit against a driver who hit her, Erin Brockovich looks for compensation from her lawyer Finney (Ed Masri) in the form of a job. Aware of her intense temperament, he hires her for basic secretarial duties. While working, Erin gets intrigued by some details related to a factory and Julia Roberts plays her role with charming and fascinating conviction. E. Masri and A. Eckhart (as Erin's neighbour) give much shining and serious work to their roles. All other performances from the cast are fine and riveting. It's a pleasure to see the director develop this story. Undoubtedly, Erin Brockovich is due to be considered as a source of entertainment and a breath of fresh air in the arid Hollywood world.

contributed by: Maricel Chioma

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy

  • Written By: Douglas Adams
    Type of book
    : Comedy and Science fiction

Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy is a comedy and a science fiction book. This book by Douglas Adams is just the first from many books he wrote telling the story of Arthur Dent. One day like any other in planet earth, Arthur Dent, a human who had a pretty regular life woke up to find out his house was about to be demolished because of the construction of a highway. What he did not know was that in about 30 minutes the earth itself was about to be destroyed for the construction of an “intergalactic freeway”. Luckily his friend, Ford Prefect, was well aware of this situation and saves both by hitchhiking into one of the ships which were to destroy earth. From this moment on, both friends begin an amazing adventure throughout the whole universe with the aid of the Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy, which was in Ford’s possession.
I believe it is a great book which will keep anyone laughing at the situations the main characters live till the end. It was really interesting to read such a different point of view about the universe and even about the meaning of life. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to explore the universe and have a good time at the same time.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Alice in Wonderland

  • Book Title: Alice in Wonderland
  • Written By : Lewis Carol

My comments:

This book, written by Lewis Carol, tells the history a young girl who accidentally falls into a series of extraordinary adventures in Wonderland. The action begins when she follows a white rabbit down a rabbit-hole as it coughs her attention because of its ability to talk. Immediately after, she takes a way, where she would meet the most insensible animals, who do not only speak but also are positively argumentative, like the Mad Hatter and the Hookah-smoking Caterpillar. While she is lost in this country where riddles have no answer and song turn into nonsense, she finally has to tolerate some threats of execution by the Queen of Hearts. However, the self- possessed Alice is able to cope with everything she meets.
In my opinion, this compelling book is full of amazing characters that make it one of the most appealing children classics.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


  • Movie Title: Stay
  • Starring: Ewan McGregor, Ryan Gosling, Naomi Watts and Kate Burton. Directed by Marc Forster ("Finding Neverland" and "Monster's Ball")
  • Genre: Drama/Thriller

My comments:

This film is based upon a surrealistic story about psychiatrist Sam Foster and his patient, an art student, Henry Letham. Inspired by his idol, a famous painter, Henry announces him that he plans to commit suicide in three days, on his 21th birthday. The desperate attempts of Sam to help his new patient took him trough the city on a trip to the place between life and death, where all the confusing events make sense. Lila Culpepper, Sam’s girlfriend, plays an important part trying to maintain Sam’s own grip on reality while fighting with her old demons. Her artistic skills and suicidal past are a bond between Henry and she. The three of them will finally understand that between the worlds of the living and the dead there is a place you're not supposed to stay.
I really enjoyed watching this movie. Although the masterful visual style was partly the best of the film, the surrealistic genre kept me thinking all night because most of the enjoyment is learning which path the story will choose. Ewan McGregor’s performance is admirable and also Ryan Gosling, Kate Burton and Naomi Watts show off their drama abilities successfully.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Around the World in 80 Days

  • Book or Movie Title: Around the world in 80 days
  • Written By / Starring: Jules Verne
  • Type of book/ Kind of movie: Adventure

My comments:
The action takes place by the year 1870. Mr. Phileas Fogg, a member of the Rotary Club, bets his fellows from the club that he would go round the world in 80 days, which was thought to be impossible. Immediately, he and Jean Passepartout, his new servant, start their trip round the world followed closely by Mr Fix, a police detective. He thinks Mr. Fogg is a burglar trying to scape from the police and will follow him all over the world to catch him. Phileas and his servant have to face different difficulties and challenges in order to complete their journey successfully so as not to lose the 20000 pounds bet. During it, they make some new friends that will join them.
I think it's a very interesting story, which includes a lot of variety and turnarounds to make it even more interesting. I recommend it to those who like adventure stories and would like to go, even though reading, round the world .