Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Call of the Wild

  • Book Title: The Call of the Wild
  • Written By: Jack London (adapted)
  • Type of book: Adventures

"It's OK to grow up - just as long as you don't grow
old. Face it . . . you are young"

Pulp, This is Hardcore

This is a book about how to grow up, just what Tom Waits didn´t wanted (and The Ramones repeated), but not in the way he was hardly criticizing. it´s about how to become stronger, independent and free, learning with life.

The story is based in the evolution of a dog, who started this life in a house and finish his days in the forest running with the wolves and howling at the moon (sha-la-la). in between this two points the story has course.

This is not the only Jack London´s book in which the main character is a dog, in this case the dog it´s stealed for two mens and after this it´s buyed for different people, who are going to make the life of the dog (called Buck) change with their lifes. Buck is going to learn how to live in the snow in winter, how to work, how to fight and how to love too. In the middle of all this Buck begin to listen a voice, a call. This is going to be the call of his own life, buried for years of domestication.

Alejandro J.

Levels 2-3 = LCB- Barrio Norte


Dennis said...

Hola, Chino y Alejandra.

I enjoyed your review of "Call of the Wild" very much. The links to video and lyrics were particularly interesting.

I've read and re-read "Call of the Wild." It was one of my favorites when I was a young man and it's still one of my favorites today (many, many, many years later)!


Dennis in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

Sharon said...

This was one of my favorite books when I was young. I can remember my Grandmother reading it to me (and I am in my 50s now). I am glad that you too enjoyed it.

Isabel Teixeira said...

this is a very good story , Alejandro!.Good job.