Monday, December 04, 2006

Operation Mastermind

John Carstairs is a secret agent, his job is often dangerous. And now he has an oportunity to save the world. There is a small island in the Aegean See, Its name´s is Doriphoros; something very strange is happening on the island, the Americans have bought it and built the biggest computer in the world there. They call It D.O.T. The letters D.O.T. stand for Data Overseas Transmission. This big computer sends information to other computers all over the world. It´s different from other computers.It doesn´t need a special computer program.All the computer in the world need special program but this one builds its own program.It works by itself. It´s plans is to control all computers all over the world. Will the computers control the world? Could computers do this? end what about Carstairs; Could he stop the computer plans?
If you want to know more about this story you´ll be able to read a book. It´s available at the L.C.B.library.
I´m thinking about dangerous jobs now, and about computers. How many people die everyday to make a better world?, How many doctors, firemen and other which maybe, we don´t know anything about. I´m imagining a computerized world in a few years´ time, I´m thinking now we are surround by computers. Can you imagine a world without them? What do you like/dislike about computers? Please write to me and tell me about,Thankyou.
Roxana Dorrego
Level 3 - Barrio Norte


Dennis said...


I love what you can do with computers - like writing to you. I HATE them when they go wrong, woon't start, won't switch off or lose a lot of work I have written.

Dennis, a colleague of your teacher's and an Englishman living in Germany.

Dennis said...

Hola, Roxana.

I really enjoyed reading your review of "Operation Mastermind." You seemed to give a very good synopsis of the plot, and your ending made me want to get the book in order to find out the ending!

I also enjoyed your comments at the end. They were very thought-provoking!


Dennis in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

Berta said...

Hello Roxana,
This is Berta, a colleague of your teacher Gladys, who lives in Venezuela.
I see you like science fiction and computers have been part of science fiction for many years, especially in short stories. Isaac Asimov wrote "I, Robot", which was then turned into a movie. Did you see it?
We can´t imagine the world without computers or digital/electronic gadgets anymore. I was at a workshop recently and the presenter asked us to open our handbags and find things that we did not use 10 years ago. It was surprising to see things we consider so common now as a mobile phone, an ipod, even a phone card with an electronic tag, were items we did not use before and are now part of what we carry back and forth everyday. What will we have not in 10 but in 5 years from now?

emfglobetrotter said...

Hi Roxana,
My name is Elisabeth Fernandes; I'm an English teacher in Japan. I agree with you: it's hard to imagine a world without computers! We have become very dependent on them, haven't we? I think there are many good things about computers: one of them is that it allows people from all parts of the world to "get together".
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Great review! the question at the end is a good way to reflect on our use of computers.